2018 Points


CTEA Awards Program

Champion and Reserve Champion

Beginner Novice Rider   Beginner Novice Horse

Novice Rider    Novice Horse

Training Rider     Training Horse

Preliminary Rider       Preliminary Horse

If there are 3 (or more) Juniors and 3 (or more) Seniors, then the division will be divided into Junior and Senior divisions for the rider awards. Senior is 18 years and older from the beginning of the calendar year.

Points are automatically tabulated. Points Chairman will obtain the results from all qualified Area V events and schooling shows and determine the awards. Standings periodically will be updated online. Please contact the Points Chairman if an error is detected.


To win a division rider award, a rider must be a member of the CTEA and have points from a minimum of two shows in that division. For a horse to win a division award, the rider and owner of the horse must be a CTEA member and the horse must have accrued points from a minimum of two shows in that division.

Professional riders may only earn Training or Preliminary awards as rider. But, a horse at any level may be ridden by a professional for horse awards, providing the professional is a member of CTEA. A professional is anyone who earns $500 or more per year (or the equivalent) riding and/or instructing.


Rated events are any USEA Horse Trial, Three-Day Event, Young Rider Championship or Adult Team Championship for the competitive year (Dec. 1 – Nov. 30).

Points from any show outside of Area V will be counted for year-end awards if rider or horse participates in at least 2 Area V horse trials.

Results must be submitted to the Points Chairman with the required information signed by the show secretary, organizer or technical delegate within 30 days of the show.

Riders are encouraged to keep track of their own points. Deadline for receipt of points information is Nov. 30.

Send points information to:

Robin Hahn-Moore

24935 Pecan Creek Ln

San Antonio, TX  78255

Email: rhahnmoo@gvtc.com



The CTEA uses the system adopted by Area V for recognized shows. CTEA will score championships as Area V does: scoring them in accordance with the points table for three-day events. Details can be found at the Area V Web site, http://www.areaveventing.com, click for forms, article titled Area V Current Policies, Guidelines and Procedures. The CTEA has a modified system that is applied to schooling competitions.

USEA horse trials and events (combined tests receive half points)

Place 5-10 entries 11-18 entries 19 + entries 3-Day
First 5 6 7 13
Second 4 5 6 9
Third 3 4 5 8
Fourth 2 3 4 7
Fifth 1 2 3 6
Sixth 1 2 5
Seventh 1 3
Eighth 2