February Newsletter

Good morning CTEA!!

As I’m sitting here writing this month’s newsletter, I can’t believe we are already into the 2nd month of 2017. It was so great seeing so many of you last month for the Kim Severson clinic at Pine Hill and the 2016 Awards Banquet.
The Kim clinic was one of the coldest clinics CTEA has hosted to date, but boy did we have a tough group of members who didn’t let a 20 degree cross country morning slow them down!! I hope all of you who rode and audited walked away with some fun new exercises and tips to get ready for the 2017 show season!
The 2016 awards banquet was such a fun evening reflecting on 2016, celebrating all of our year end winners and learning about the new Equine Herpes Myeloencephalopathy (EHM) virus, courtesy of our guest speaker, Dr. Robert Ball. A big thank you to all of our silent auction donors: Austin Eventing, Texas Rose Horse Park, Brunson Equestrian Center, Meadowcreek Park, Holly Hill Farm, High Point Farm, Pine Hill, Willow Draw, Bracken Equine, Retama Equine Hospital, Marvin Savage Farm, NTEA, Strutty’s Feed & Pet Supply, Trinity Title of Texas, Two Socks & Tractor Supply. Please help me to congratulate our winners one more time:
CTEA Awards
Jr BN Rider Champion: Tea Pawa
Sr BN Rider Champion: Meghan Sullivan
Sr BN Rider Reserve Champion: Lida McAllister
BN Horse Champion: Meghan Sullivan’s Bentley & Patti Champion’s Invincible
BN Horse Reserve Champion: Tea Pawa’s Aamira
Sr N Rider Champion: Christiana Schultz
Sr Novice Rider Reserve Champion: Rebecca Speer
Novice Horse Champion: Christiana Schultz’s Alexa Dawn
Novice Horse Reserve Champion: Rebecca Speer’s Louboutin
Jr. Training Rider Champion: Bryn Stryk
Sr. Training Rider Champion: Scotti Evans
Sr. Training Rider Reserve Champion: Christiana Schultz & Amy Clemmons
Training Horse Champion: Scotti Evan’s Storm Warning
Training Horse Reserve Champion: Bryn Stryk’s Gorsehill Lola
Prelim/Intermediate Rider Champion: Lida McAllister
Prelim/Intermediate Rider Reserve Champion: Bryn Stryk & Zara Flores-Kinney
Prelim/Intermediate Horse Champion: Lida McAllister’s Flagmount’s Harmony
Prelim/Intermediate Horse Reserve Champion: Bryn Stryk’s Gorsehill Lola and Zara Flores Kinney’s Full O’ Fancy
Area V Award
2016 Wingleader Award: Patti Champion and Casper the Friendly Ghost – This award is presented by Nancy Rinn to an Area V adult rider and their senior horse, who show true grit, determination and are a true horsemen that loves the great sport of eventing. Nancy started this award in 2014 in honor of her horse of a lifetime Cardio Care. Patti and Casper are the 2nd CTEA members who have been the recipient of this award(Cynthia Newman & Twilight Hunter 2015)!!
Can you believe the 2017 show season is already under way in Florida and the east coast?! Safe travels to all of our members who are making the trek to warmer weather for the Florida winter series. Members, DON’T FORGET to send in your MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL if you haven’t done so already. We want all of your points to count for the 2017 show season.
Entries for the first show in Area V, The Spring Social at Meadowcreek Park, opened yesterday! Entries close on February 28th so get yours in before it fills up!
For those of you who like to plan ahead or make reminders for opening and closing dates for the spring 2017 show season, look no further:
The Spring Social at Meadowcreek Park, March 18-19, 2017: Opened Jan 31 & closes Feb 28th
Texas Rose Horse Park H.T., March 31- April 2, 2017: Opens Feb 7th & closes March 14th
Pine Hill Spring H.T., April 8, 2017: Opens Feb 21st & closes March 21st
Holly Hill Spring H.T., April 22-23, 2017: Opens March 7th & closes April 4th
Texas Rose Horse Park Summer H.T., May 11-14, 2017: Opens March 28th & closes April 25th
Willow Draw Charity Show, May 27, 2017: Opens April 11th & closes May 9th
Feather Creek Farm H.T., June 17-18, 2017: Opens May 2nd & closes May 30th
Marvin Savage Farm will be hosting a Clear Round Jumping Show and open schooling weekend March 4-5, 2017. Check out their website for more details.
2016 was a great year for our club and my hope for 2017 is for it to be even better! It’s time for CTEA to get out their and give back to all of the venues in Area V! Area V venues work hard year round to provide safe facilities and fun courses where we can all go school and compete. Shows wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of many volunteers who take time out of their busy schedules to help all of us experience a smooth event. I’m not asking for you to sit out a show to volunteer, but to simply try to give a few hours here or there between rides or after your rides for the day are finished. A little help can go a long way. We may be a small club, but I want us to have a mighty big impact in Area V.
Here’s to a new year full of new dreams, adventures, opportunities and goals!
 Kylie Bottensek
CTEA President